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The Flash season 1 finale

The FlashLet me preface this with that I’ve really enjoyed The Flash this season. It’s a little CW campy, but it’s been a fun ride throughout the series, but good lord the finale made me want to smash some writer’s heads.

As usual, spoilers ahead.

We start with The Flash attempting to get all these prisoners out of the vault and to a hidden island where he can safely keep them in captivity. He’s doing this because the particle accelerator is going to kill them when it powers up and he’d rather not kill the metahumans he’s illegally imprisoning with no evident access to entertainment or leisure activities.

Unable to secure a police road block, he strikes a deal with a super villain to transport the unconscious enemies via truck to the airport. Um. There was no need for a supervillain at all in truck transport from STAR Labs to the airport. The fact that they had a driver with a CDL was a complete afterthought. They could have just driven the people out. Of course the super villain double crosses the Flash and frees all the enemies.

Well, what could the Flash have done to get these people from point A to B that didn’t involve a supervillain… hrmm… idea #1 – drive the truck yourself. Idea #2 – gas the metahumans and then use something that the show has touched on once or twice – super speed, and run them to the airport (or all the way to the island.) The entire thing seemed to be to get Flash to make mistake after mistake.

So we’ll skip past me wanting to throttle them here.

Next we have the going back to the past to change the future scenario – we’ve got the Reverse Flash as a prisoner, he helps set up an event that all people involved know means the end of the world as they all know it. All of them are on board. Like seriously – you’re going to rewrite the timeline and just do away with all the people here helping you and the last 20 something years. You know that.

If he fails to rewrite the timeline and get back in time, the wormhole collapses into a black hole and destroys the Earth. To me this is a no brainer. If you win you destroy everything you love and even yourself. If you lose you do the same. Not a choice at all. Sorry dad in prison, option #2 needs to happen.

So he does it, goes back in time, sees the future Flash and Reverse Flash fighting. The future Flash gives him a little wave and a look to say “no, don’t do it you moron!” so he lets his mom get killed in front of his eyes, says his goodbyes to her, and then comes back and beats the everloving crap out of the Reverse Flash.

There’s no way he can defeat the Reverse Flash it appears, so RF’s great grandad decides to shoot himself in his heart, which wipes the Reverse Flash from the timestream. You know, that’s what you do instead of getting a vasectomy or alternately just vowing to not have kids.

Oh but wait, they left the door to the past open too long, it’s become a black hole, and it starts destroying the city. You know, because The Flash wanted to go back in time to erase the present.

It ends with him running up debris to stop the singularity somehow. I remember the comic it was based on, but I don’t recall what exactly happened except that Barry was wiped from the timeline somehow. We’re not to that point yet so don’t know where it will go.

At the end of the episode due to being an idiot, the Flash had released several murderers back into the wild, had erased all evidence pertaining to Captain Cold in his botched deal with a supervillain, inadvertently caused the death of the only competition for his love’s affections because he couldn’t simply leave Reverse Flash in a cell, and based on the city destruction was responsible for hundreds of deaths and billions in property damages.

So yeah… good going there Flash. That was one hell of a screw all respect for the character episode.